*All ice cream is made using coconut milk*


When our son was diagnosed with food allergies as a toddler, our world was flipped upside down. Suddenly, everything we knew, everything we fed him felt like it was a potential enemy. The simplest act of staying alive became a constant worry of possible death. We realized we had a choice: to simply survive or thrive. We worked hard to cultivate a family culture of careful not fearful, but over time no matter how diligent we planned, a sense of exclusion still hovered.

As our family, experiences, and travels grew so did the types of allergies and intolerance we came in contact with. Rather at home or away, we noticed a lack of safe ice cream options available for dine in or take home due to the risk of cross contact. We understood, but we were frustrated. People deserve a great place to eat great treats safely.

In response, we chose to create recipes in a dedicated kitchen free of the Top 8 allergens.

Keep it tasty.

Keep it simple.

Keep it safe.

No Nuts, No Dairy, No Gluten, No Dyes, No Lies.

~ A, K & L

caricature of the owners